ugli_icons (ugli_icons) wrote in 16buttonicons,


Many months ago, I heard a kids joke that I thought was pretty funny:
Q: What did the zero say to the eight?
A: Hey, nice belt!
And the other day I decided to turn the idea into an icon... but when I tell the joke to people, I change it to a D and a B because some fonts have a line through the zero, so I made that into an icon, too... then for some reason I got the idea for another one with two symbols talking, but totally unrelated to the original joke. And since I make all my stuff using MS Paint, these particular icons were way too pixelly for my taste, so a guy known as tommygavin from an IRC chan and Bit Torrent community I'm a member of cleaned them up for me...
nice belt 1 nice belt 2 lol n00b

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i took the noob one. funny :) will credit.